Cocoa Paper™

Bring a second life to cocoa shells with Cocoa Paper™!

Our patented botanical technology increases the value of cocoa husks by transforming them into creative packaging materials that offer distinctive, sensory options that give a premium feel. A range of concepts are available using our unique Cocoa Paper™ in innovative ways. This specialty paper is a perfect match for luxury, all-natural food packaging and can elevate your product with its multi-sensory benefits. Not only do these specialty botanical packaging materials provide an eco-efficient image, but they can differentiate your product in the market. What can we create for you?


Pack Your Chocolate in Cocoa Paper™

Differentiate your brand using eco-efficient, food contact paper made of cocoa skins.

Fine, Luxury Packaging

Elevate your food products, goodie boxes, or specialty items by using multi-sensory Cocoa Paper™.

Perfect for Chocolate & More!

The applications for Cocoa Paper™ are limited only by your imagination.

More Information Available

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