Introducing InFuze™

We are proud to introduce Infuze™, a patented, revolutionary tea material, offering enhanced infusion properties that contribute to the perfect cup of tea-hot or cold! Integrate Infuze™ into your traditional blend (tea bag, pods, etc.), or we can develop a truly innovative, new format just for you. Discover how to differentiate your brand, increase the value of your tea, or let us help you create an entirely new tea product category. Contact us today so we can discuss the endless possibilities.


InFuze™: New Tea Formats

Grow your business by creating a new tea category to meet consumer demand for high-quality, convenient brewed tea.

InFuze™: Cost Effective

Replace some of your blend with InFuze™ into your tea bags or pods/pads to reduce your cost while maintaining tea quality.

Infuzed with Many Benefits

Fast infusion, convenient format, blend consistency, high-quality tea experience hot or cold …and so much more!

More Information

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