LeafLAB offers a range of new solutions for the beverage industry, with specific benefits for tea processors, manufacturers, packers, converters and brokers.  Our proprietary capabilities can transform all types of tea - green, black, or herbs - into enhanced ingredients that deliver exceptional performance in original formats for hot or cold infusion.  Our InFuze™ product can be integrated into your traditional format and blend (tea bag, pods, etc.) or we can develop a truly innovative, new format just for you.  Discover how to differentiate your brand and increase the value of your tea while pioneering a new product category.


Hot and Cold Brews

Select hot or cold infusion options for your custom InFuze™—for most any tea!
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Faster Infusion Process

Ready-to-drink infusion materials give LeafLAB teas faster infusion time, even in cold water.

Sensory Experiences

Use our tea as natural support to carry aroma and flavors into your blends.

New Applications

Experience how we have captured the look of cocoa for sensory packaging applications.

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