Our trade-secret technology and production capabilities open new doors to our customers who want to bring game-changing products to market. Leverage our know-how into your competitive advantage. Our approach and solutions are unique - just like your needs. Don't settle for mass-produced, "me too" products, when our one-of-a-kind options are available.


Proven R&D:
Experienced scientists and product development specialists work hand-in-hand with customers to bring ideas to life.

New Laboratory:
Our dedicated research lab in Le Mans, France is where the magic happens.

Patented Concepts:
Using natural fibers in new formats and in new combinations sets your products apart from the rest.


Global Capacity:
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US and France give efficient world-wide reach and dependable time-to-market.

Industrial Expertise:
Our proprietary processes and Operational Excellence culture deliver exceptional reliability and quality.

Product & Stewardship Compliance:
We manage best practices around raw material selection, food-grade ingredients, and manufacturing practices to meet regulatory requirements.


Cost Benefit, Circular Economy:
Our transformative technologies create value by using either conventional plants or parts of plants that were once considered a by-product. New materials can beautifully intgrate your value chain.

Whole Plant Concept:
From our sourcing practices to our commitment to using original plants or botanical by-products, we respect the whole plant and environment.

Bring Second Life to By-Products:
Repurposing plant by-products makes products innovative and affordable.


Certified Manufacturing:
ISO certifications illustrate our commitment to rigorous quality standards.

Controls in Place:
Oversight from sourcing through distribution ensure quality execution throughout our supply chain.

Continuous Improvement:
Our value of continuous improvement runs through everything we do to create value for our customers.


Global Network:
Our team is skilled at sourcing materials around the globe and can help you find your ideal ingredient.

Material Options:
From virgin botanicals to by-products, we have potential access to whatever natural fiber you need.

Responsible Practices:
We practice a foresighted environmental policy that encourages the responsible and careful use of resources throughout our company. We develop products with the highest possible utilization of renewable raw materials and manufacture them with a high rate of yield.

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